July 2021 Newsletter

July 15, 2021

Agent Anniversary – Kiley Miller

Insurance of the Heartland wants to thank Kiley Miller for being a part of our team for four years on July 14th. Our office is so fortunate to have such loyal, longtime, and hardworking employees.

Kiley Miller

Hip Trips: Gas Saving Tips

The sun is out, the wind is breezing through open windows, and we are finally hitting the road again!

Even though the world is more open than it used to be, gas is also more expensive than ever. So that wide-open road may look a little more daunting than it would otherwise.

Have no fear! There are some easy ways to keep your gas consumption down. Try these anti-guzzling tips to get away this summer:

  • Drive Slower — The faster you drive, the more wind resistance you have to fight. Slow down and go for longer on the same tank.
  • Know the Road — Plan ahead to make sure you know your best route. Avoiding altitude climbs and more expensive gas areas can help you save.
  • Don’t Get Tire’d— Make sure your wheels have solid air pressure. Low pressure can cause drag, slowing you down and eating more gas.

Following these simple tricks can add some serious bang to your vacation buck. Happy driving!

Lawn & Deck Maintenance

Whether you’re throwing parties, grilling outside, or enjoying your gorgeous lawn, it’s the time of year to enjoy your yard or deck.

Taking proper care of your personal kingdom is of the utmost importance, not just to avoid repairs but also to avoid injuries. For example, divots in the lawn or loose boards can trip the best of us.

Check out these maintenance tips to keep your space looking great:

  • Compost – Everyone is composting these days. But it isn’t just great for your garden – it’s great for lawns as well.
  • Fake Rain – If you water your lawn, set your water to run between 4:00-9:00 AM so the sun doesn’t evaporate your good intentions.
  • Treat Your Deck – Your deck needs love to stay pristine. Make sure to stain or seal the wood to minimize weathering. You may need to sand if your current seal is old before treating it again.
  • Keep It Up – Pick up rocks, fill holes, and take old branches out from your yard. For your deck, remove loose nails and re-nail loose boards to minimize trip hazards.

Soon you’ll be sitting with your toes in the grass or your feet up on your rail, smiling in the sun. Enjoy your well-maintained and safe little piece of heaven.