January 2022 Newsletter

January 15, 2022

Agency and Agents Anniversaries

January marked several anniversaries here at Insurance of the Heartland. The agency is now celebrating 12 years in business after purchasing the agency from Bennett’s Insurance Agency owned by Paul and Bonnie Bennett on January 1, 2010. This anniversary coincides with owners Sharon Roberts and Brian Roberts working at the agency for 12 years. Sharon had previously worked for Bennett’s Insurance Agency for 18 years before purchasing the agency. We are very fortunate to have great customers that have helped us to reach these career milestones.

Sharon Roberts

Brian Roberts

New Year, New You

Most of us want to leave 2021 firmly in the rearview mirror. A great way to do that is by choosing a New Year’s Resolution.

Working on a good habit to start a new year can be a great way to make your life better with a single decision. But what many may forget is how difficult they can be to sustain.

This year let’s try to focus on small wins because even the smallest accomplishments have a habit of turning into large ones over time.

Check out these easy to begin resolutions and get your year started right:

  • Be more active — Don’t try to expect to be as fit as an Olympian right away! Start small – walk every day, do twenty sit-ups a day, or even take a fifteen-minute yoga break at work.
  • Get (re)connected — Most of us see fewer people than we used to. Try digital solutions to get reconnected. Join a Facebook group, play an online game with new people, or just start a WhatsApp chat group with your socially-distanced friends.
  • Relax your mind — You don’t have to be a guru to meditate. Take five minutes to relax during a busy workday, or use apps like Headspace to get some meditation help.
  • Stop a bad habit — Pick one small thing you do that you wish you didn’t. Taking control of a little thing can give you more confidence over time.

Making small but positive steps in the right direction can help you make great strides. Pick something, stick with it, and prepare for a great year.

Cold Weather Auto Tips

With all of us living in Nebraska, weather can have a negative impact on your car. Ice, snow, or freezing rain all wreak havoc on your automobiles.

And like anything else in life, adapting to that change can make a big difference. Winter in all of its forms can wear on your vehicle, so taking the appropriate care now can save you both time and money in the future.

Here is a list of ways you can keep your car or truck in tip-top shape, no matter what Mother Nature in her wintery splendor might throw at you.

  • Wipers up – Windshield wipers can freeze in bad weather. Pull them upright to make sure they don’t get stuck when you need them most.
  • Check your tires – If you do nothing else, do this one. Tire pressure can drop by a pound for every ten degrees the temperature drops.
  • Top up – Always keep your gas tank at least half full in the winter. You never know when you might become stuck in bad weather, and staying warm is essential.
  • Change your car’s shoes – If you live in a place with regular winter weather, remember to put snow or winter tires on your vehicle to stay safe in slick conditions.

Taking these precautions can help you avoid both accidents and unnecessary wear over time.