January 2021 Newsletter

January 02, 2021

Agency and Agent Anniversaries

January marked several anniversaries here at Insurance of the Heartland. The agency is now celebrating 11 years in business after purchasing the agency from Bennett's Insurance Agency owned by Paul and Bonnie Bennett on January 1, 2010. This anniversary coincides with owners Sharon Roberts and Brian Roberts working at the agency for 11 years. Sharon had previous worked for Bennett's Insurance Agency for 18 years before purchasing the agency. We are very fortunate to have great customers that have helped us to reach these career milestones.

Sharon Roberts

Brian Roberts

New Year's Resolutions Tips

Many people make New Year's Resolutions, but keeping them is a much more exclusive group. This year, stop the cycle of resolving to make a change, but then not following through. Follow these tips to make your 2021 resolutions stick.

  1. Look on the bright side – Don't think about what you're giving up, but what you'll be gaining.
  2. Get a goal buddy – You will be more effective with a like-minded, accountability buddy.
  3. Time is on your side – You have 12 months!!! Just pace yourself and practice patience.
  4. Baby Steps – Set realistic goals, or set multiple goals throughout the year.
  5. Be Specific – If you are too vague about your goal it will be easier to give it up.

* Over 90% of New Year's resolutions fail due to unrealistic goal setting. Start your goals low and increase them as you see increased success.

Insurance of the Heartland Social Media

For those of you that are not aware, Insurance of the Heartland is very active on several social media platforms. Our social media provides important date notices, insurance product information, community news, agency updates and more. We welcome you to view our social media sites and like our “pages”. Below is the list of social media platforms that we are currently involved on:


Instagram www.instagram.com/insheartland

Twitter www.twitter.com/insheartland



If you have any suggestions for material that you would like to see either on our newsletter or our social media pages, we would love to hear from you. We want to provide the information that our insureds want to hear or be educated on.