February 2021 Newsletter

February 02, 2021

Importance of Policy Review

We all know that everyone leads very busy lives. With hectic schedules, we understand that insurance is not always at the top of your priority list. However, these busy lives are the reason that insurance policy reviews are so important. Our office is here to assist all of our customers to get the appropriate insurance in place for the risks that you face for your unique situation or life changing event. These life changes could include: getting married, starting a family, a newly licensed driver, paying off a loan, buying new property, remodeling your home, changing jobs, among others. All of these changes can require adjustments to your insurance policies in order to make sure you are properly covered.

Changes in your life are not the only reason to review your policies with our office on a annual basis. There are also corrections that need to be made on occasion. An address is misspelled, a vehicle is no longer running and needs removed, a violation is showing on a driver’s license that never happened. If something is showing incorrect on your policy it could be costing you extra money in premium, or leaving possible insurance gaps. A policy review with your agent will help limit any errors or omissions on your policy.

A final reason to review your policies with your agent is to find any additional discounts that you may qualify for. Insurance carriers are constantly coming up with new discounts ranging from: multi-car, multi-policy, good student, drivers training, among numerous others.

Make sure that you have the correct coverage for your specific situation and call us to set up a policy review today.

Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement (Inland Marine)

Personal property is one of the most important coverages under your homeowners, farmowners, or renters policies; so it is important to see what this protection covers and excludes. It also may be a good idea to schedule some of your more valuable belongings under an inland marine personal property endorsement. To properly protect your belongings, you should understand a little more about the differences between unscheduled personal property and an inland marine personal property endorsement.

Unscheduled Personal Property Coverage Endorsement

Unscheduled personal property includes belongings that may be covered by your standard personal property coverage, but that have not been specifically itemized on your policy. Unscheduled property is subject to the standard coverage limits (and sub-limits) stated on your homeowners, renters or farm insurance policy. This coverage is also subject to the deductible shown on policy. Our office can help you decide whether you may benefit from extra coverage for any unscheduled items you own.

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage (Inland Marine)

Scheduling your personal property comes with additional benefits, but will cost some additional premium dollars. The two biggest benefits that you receive with

  • Broader protection. Scheduled personal property may be covered for additional risks, including accidentally losing your scheduled belongings (for example, dropping your wedding ring down the drain), which typically isn’t something covered by a standard homeowners policy.
  • No deductible or reduced deductible. If you purchase scheduled personal property coverage, you may have the option of choosing a lower deductible or no deductible for the scheduled items. That most likely not be the case for other belongings that fall under the protection of personal property coverage on your standard policy.

Because the value of certain items like antiques and collectibles can go up and down over time, our agency suggest you get regular appraisals to make sure your insurance coverage on your valuables matches what they’re worth.

Your agent can help answer questions about coverage options for your belongings so you can choose the protection that best fit your needs.

Individual and Family Health Insurance Special Enrollment Period

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